Lean Six Sigma

DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve & Control) is the Lean Six Sigma (LSS) engine of process improvement and corrective actions. You don't need to have a bunch of Black Belts running around to tap into these powerful tools.

We have created a DMAIC based system built around the AB6; an easy to use and implement a system that harnesses the power of DMAIC without all the "Belt" training.


AB6 DMAIC System

The AB6 takes the classic DMAIC approach and places the most commonly used tools into context and sequence. Training is greatly condensed and instructions for each tool is on the front of each laminated tool.

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A3 - Define, Measure Analyze

First using the A3, identify the root cause of the issue using define, Measure, and Analyze (DMA) thus understanding the true source of the issue.

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B3 - IC Improve, Control

With an accurate understanding, using the B3 Improve (I) following the Deming Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle to identify, implement and evaluate countermeasures. Finally, Control (C) your gains by standardizing and monitoring your new process.

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Data Analysis

Data analysis is fundamental to Six Sigma and QI Macros makes it easy using the power of Excel. Statistical Process Control (SPC), Sigma Levels, Pareto analysis, Control charts and much more.

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